In Case YOU Missed It: Shane Dawson x Ryland Adams Are ENGAGED!

Shane popped the question last night, which marked their three year anniversary…or as Shane puts it: 

“…Happy Thickaversary!

And how does Ryland feel…

SOOOOOO happy for the lovely couple…can’t wait to see Shane youtube the journey leading up to the main event! (hopefully)

Congratulations you two!

KES Dedicates ‘Savannah Grass’ To Trini Culture, People & SOCA!

“The song was created as a dedication to the culture of our amazing twin-island nation and further serves as a dedication to the memory and the legacy of our dearly departed father, George “Bunny” Dieffenthaller. To be included and even considered as a possible Road March of the people was an amazing scenario and an additional blessing that we could not have anticipated or prepared for in advance.

LOGIC x JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT Premiere Their Collab ‘Do What You Love’ @ SXSW

The big announcement was made back in October 2018, inviting “EVERYBODY” to contribute making a song…

The whole creative process was documented, filmed and aired on youtube…

The music video premiered on Friday March 15th, 2019…

“…this is what happens when you bring over 20 people from across the globe having never met in person to collaborate on a song…”

Check Out LION BABE, ‘Get Into The Party Life’ MUSIC VIDEO!

YAAASSS HONEY CHILD It’s a party…please tell somebody!

The groovy-duo, Jillian and Lucas, will be releasing their upcoming album Cosmic Wind on March 28th…

“…Cosmic wind is centered on transformation…Growth has occurred in our personal and musical lives, and you can experience that growth sonically, visually and lyrically in our new album. We have honed in our sound and aesthetic, and are embracing our love for soul and groove from past to present.”

So What’s NEW? How About Lilly Singh Coming Out…

In a perfect world THIS wouldn’t be newsworthy cause we would all love and embrace one another regardless of our sexual orientation…but we don’t live in that world, we live in THIS world!

✅ Female ✅ Coloured ✅ Bisexual •••
Throughout my life these have proven to be obstacles from time to time. But now I’m fully embracing them as my superpowers. 
No matter how many “boxes” you check, I encourage you to do the same x ❤️🧡💛💚💙

A bisexual woman is a cause of celebration because…

“A bisexual Indian woman to publicly own her sexuality on a massive platform is worth celebrating. Now, she gives that platform to younger generations to feel comfortable in their own sexuality and their own skin.”