Her husband says she’s too “sensible” for politics, she has given out plenty of reasons backing up her NO…the people on the other hand aren’t letting that stray their wishful thinking!

Sites like Ready For Michelle and Friends of Michelle 2020 are gathering donations, volunteers and supporters just in case SOMEBODY has a change of heart.

“…If she can be convinced to run, we can provide her with an early advantage against any opponents…”

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The HIGHly-anticipated collection has finally arrived!

DECEASED, DESIGNER BLOOD, CHRYSANTHEMUM, CROCODILE TEARS, PUMPKIN SPICE, CHECKMATE and SAGITTARIUS were welcomed with open arms by over a million customers so far today.


The brand is also celebrating a well-earned-and-deserved two year anniversary so you know Jeffree had to thrown in a little somethin’ somethin’ for us loyal fans…

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…aaaaaaaaaaannnnd he ain’t done yet!

Launching Cyber Monday, Jeffree unveils the start of his metallic liquid lip collection with DREAMHOUSE.

Have a safe and prosperous Black Friday everyone!

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Who knew 4.2 seconds of chaos and confusion could be so beautiful! But then again we are talking about a group that showed us treadmill choreography is possible…

Here’s some more inspiration for you, the group shared “background notes” on the idea and inspiration:

The song “The One Moment” is a celebration of (and a prayer for) those moments in life when we are most alive. Humans are not equipped to understand our own temporariness; It will never stop being deeply beautiful, deeply confusing, and deeply sad that our lives and our world are so fleeting. We have only these few moments. Luckily, among them there are a few that really matter, and it’s our job to find them. (We had no idea when we wrote the song that we’d be releasing its video in such critical moment for our nation and the world. It’s one of those moments when everything changes, whether we like it or not, so the song feels particularly relevant)

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So let’s settle it right now…

Too Faced you are now under the parent company Estée Lauder,will you pick up any new cruel habits?


Too Faced will you remain true to thyself and continue to honor our two-legged & four-legged friends?


We now declare to keep on using your products.

Here’s some more exciting news from Too Faced. If you’re a fan of the Hangover Primer, then  you’re gonna love this…

Feast your eyes on the Hangover Setting Spray! Thanks Jerrod Blandino for the sneak preview!

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Do you know who Nadia Murad is?

Nadia is a woman who was sold as a sex slave to an ISIS commander. Amal is not only fighting her case against ISIS but also standing up for thousands of genocide victims…

“I’m ashamed as a woman that girls like Nadia can today have their bodies sold and used as battlefields, and I’m ashamed as a woman that we ignore their cries for help…”

Speaking to a room full of thousands of women at the Texas Conference of Women in Austin, Amal brought up that…

“As women, there is a bond we all share . . . There are struggles that only women share . . . The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other…”

And as brilliant as Amal is she still doesn’t get why…

“…women were considered a minority when we are a majority and powering the global economy…”

So any advice for the President-Elect who wants to “bomb” ISIS out of “existence”?

“You can’t kill an idea that way…I think one of the ways to take action is to expose their brutality and their corruption, and partly you can do that through trials.”

source: VF/Page6

“No ands, ifs or buts about it…And I asked for cellulite but obviously plastic and cellulite don’t go hand in hand…”

But Ashley is happy with the results…

“She got a round belly…She got round hips…She got round everything, yes!”

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This man shatters the rapper myths!

Humble and loyal to his soil, Hi-Tone has been steadily building his empire turning the negative into a positive.

The proud daddy of Popeye & Domino stopped by Sway’s Universe to discuss a few things like…

…where he currently stands in his 10+ years-grind (a.k.a his latest album No Xanax Needed NXN)

…where he comes from

and to deliver hands-down the BEST freestyle you have heard in a long-ass time!

Click above so you can watch and learn why this man is actually a movement…

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