#5 Favorite of 2017: SZA Elevates R&B!

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Oh no she didn’t…OOH YES SHE DID…Oh no she didn’t…SHE’S GONNA KEEP DOING IT AGAIN!

Hailed as the voice of a generation, SZA debuted her masterpiece Ctrl this past June.

Diving deeper than sex, love and dating, Ctrl is SZA accepting herself through fears, insecurities and doubts.

Being a woman at any age can get challenging and SZA captured it without being a victim!

“I’m down to do whatever for you. Like, I’ll create more content for you. I’ll try to give you uplifting things. I’ll tell you the truth because, like, you deserve it…”

Her latest video, The Weekend, talks about being a side chick in a NON-shameful way… 

Thank you SZA for giving us our favorite album this year!!!