Album Review: PRINCE x ‘Piano and a Microphone 1983’

Intimate, raw, beautifully-haunting, and full of soulful screeches, Piano and a Microphone makes us a fly on a wall as Prince creates music!

The 34-minute session was never intended for our ears let alone to be released as an 9-track album…

…it’s simply a cassette demo itched in a slice of musical history, recorded right before the release of Purple Rainelevating Prince from musician to ICONIC!

Originating in a basement in one take, you’ll hear Prince exploring vocal approaches, sketching out his “little grooves” as they say and a brief snippet-rough cut of what would become purple rain.

It’s no secret that Prince was “fiercely protective” of his musical vault when he was alive. There are rumored to be thousands of unreleased tapes waiting to see the light of day…

I can’t help but wonder…would he approve of us eavesdropping like this?