Women Help Bring Down a Brutal Regime in Sudan!

The military has overthrown Bashir. His brutal 30-year rule has ended. Much of the credit belongs to the Kandaka‘s who were at the forefront of these protests.

Women like Alaa Salah, despite facing death and rape threats continued to march the streets making their voices heard…

Still there is much work to be done. For the next two years a “transitional” military government will run the country The night curfew has been lifted, along with any prisoners held during Bashir’s “emergency rule” have been released.

Bashir remains in military captivity but needs to be turned over the International Criminal Court for his crimes against humanity.

Peaceful protests will continue until the country sees a “civilian rule administration”.

The people do not want a transitional military council. Change will not happen with Bashir’s entire regime hoodwinking Sudanese civilians through a military coup. We want a civilian council to head the transition.

Has peace finally arrived in Sudan…I hope so.