#TAKEaKNEE #IMWITHKAP – Fight Back Against The Hate

If you haven’t heard by now, the “joke” residing in the White House is yet AGAIN trying to separate and divide us…and this time he’s taking the sports route!

#TakeaKnee, is more than a trending topic on social media, it has been THE answer that many athletes, celebrities and American citizens like you and me can use to fight back against this hate…


Steelers decided they wanted to exercise their right and opt-OUT of the national anthem ceremony…

J Cole says…

Jesse Williams thinks…

…Stand up and do the right thing…IT’S THAT EASY!

[WATCH] – JAY-Z on 4:44, Family & The “Joke” Inside The White House

Best part of the interview begins 13 minutes past the starting point when Clara Amfo asks JAY-Z his thoughts on our current “intense” state…

“I believe that everything that happens in life is for your greatest good and I don’t think that this is happening if we weren’t prepared to handle it. So I’m just actually looking forward to what’s next after that because usually when things are darkest, then light is on its way…So I’m not fearful. I believe that we are resilient, especially us as black people and especially the culture — we’ve been through so much more than this guy….

…This guy, I’m looking at him like, man, this is a joke, with all — I can’t even say with all due respect — with all disrespect. I just think that, you know, he’s not a very sophisticated man, especially when it comes to the idea of ‘until everyone is free, no one is free.’ Period. That’s just a fact. We are all linked some kind of way. So if you oppress a certain people, everyone is in danger, karmically and in real life.”

“If I’m being oppressed and you have this big, nice mansion with all this, I’m coming inside there. That’s gonna happen, that’s just how life is…So on just a practical level, that just makes sense. On a spiritual and karmic level, if we’re all children of God, then we’re all brothers and sisters, and at some point, if you’re doing that to your brother, then that can’t last.”

Jay also performed Family Feud

…and NUMB/ENCORE in honor of Chester Bennington


source: EW

SURPRISE! Jhené Aiko Drops An ALBUM! Check out ‘TRIP’

Trip (the album) available now ! listen everywhere ! 🗺🎒📘 #MAP #TRIP

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In 2012, Jhené (A.K.A Penny) lost her brother and ever since she’s been trying to find him in writing, traveling even Men…

“…I turn to writing as my form of therapy, but it’s never quite enough.
I released 2 projects since then, but I wasn’t quite myself….I try to find my brother’s love in other men, but they never can compare….I try to get closer to my brother by doing different drugs, hoping that if I get high enough I can reach him, but they only take me further away…

…And so, I find myself taking trips, trying to escape any person, place or thing that is too familiar…”

Throughout these travels Penny kept a record of dreams, thoughts and experiences in notebooks which she turned into MAP

“…a Movie (TRIP – a short film)…


…an Album (TRIP) and a Poetry book (2fish)…”

The 22-track album features guest appearances by Big Sean, Kurupt and Brandy

“…The reality of this life is, at some point we will all lose someone we love…In sharing this MAP, I hope to inspire others to be more present in the lives of the people they love. 
I hope this MAP encourages honesty, empathy and compassion. 
In sharing this MAP, I hope to inspire others to share their own mistakes, imperfections and fears… because I believe in doing so we can understand each other better and realize we are more alike than different.
In sharing this MAP, I hope to inspire others to share their grief and pain because I believe suffering can be alleviated when we understand we are not going through any of it alone…”

Please enjoy Trip!

source: Penny/Complex

This EMPOWERING Poem Makes Us Feel Proud To Be A WOMAN

Natasha T. Miller is more than an award winning poet…she is an activist, filmmaker and author.

Not afraid to tell it like it is…

…this Detroit native has been around for a few years speaking out on racism and gender issues while promoting equality and truth on stages worldwide.

One of our favorite poems by her is “The Difference between a Girlfriend and a Woman”

“…a girlfriend will compliment your outfit…A WOMAN WILL COMPLIMENT YOUR WHOLE EXISTENCE…” 

Click above to be left speechless, in awe…and some of you take some notes! 

source: ButtonPoetry

Hillary Clinton Stops By Colbert’s to Talk New Book & Putin’s Sexism!

Appropriately titled, What Happened, Hillary Clinton does her best to answer the question many of us are still asking to this day in her new book!

The former Secretary of State, who received a standing ovation from the audience, also shared some “strange” experiences she had working with Putin…

Before letting her go, Stephen gave Hillary all his “unused Clinton victory” material…

source: Stephen

Björk Unveils Her ‘Utopia’ with ‘The Gate’

It’s trippy, it’s hallucinogenic, it’s mesmerizing…it’s so fucking BJÖRK!

The first single from her upcoming LP, the song is…

“..essentially a love song, but I say ‘love’ in a more transcendent way…Vulnicura [Her previous album] was about a very personal loss, and I think this new album is about a love that’s even greater. It’s about rediscovering love – but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word.”

Click above and get ready to have your wig snatched and teleported to another dimension…WERK!

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