If you have yet to explore the Korean musical scene, do yourself a favor and get into it NOW!

Take this song for example…a collab between Korean POP and Indie artists,  this dreamy-electro song presents a dark reality many face.

source: BANATV

Rihanna and her diamond-crested flask…

Love you ri-ri!

Queen Bey’s performance…

…and her acceptance speech WITH her personalized gold note card.

Chance the Rapper

…and Adele letting everybody know that she is a Beyhive member for eternity!

source: Youtube/GIPHY


…and AFTER!

No tea, no shade…hell not even any makeup, simply a filter over the camera.

Wayne Goss recently made a video revealing how easy it can be to trick the eyes when you use a filter on a digital recording camera.

The makeup artist went out on a limb, not because he wanted to out people and start a war but because he wants people like you and me to keep in mind that sometimes what you see isn’t the truth you get…

We hope after watching the video you see what we’re talking about…ENJOY!