[Watch] – Hi-Tone Drops ‘THE VOICE’ Documentary!

“…I created this documentary to remind the world that skin color should never effect someone’s opportunity. Music was not created for the eyes, it was created for the ears and soul. The industry has put me in a box for too long and I’m not holding my tongue anymore. I’m gonna be proud of who I am, embrace who I’m not and continue to make good music…”

Gearing up to release, Price of Admission, his next studio album, Hi-Tone releases this powerful documentary sharing his decade long struggle to make his voice heard…

Get To Know Yaeji!

Somewhere in between where Seoul and New York meet…you will find Yaeji!

Born in Korea, raised in New York, Kathi Yaeji Lee is a singer, DJ and a brilliant visual artist.

Yaeji released a self-titled EP earlier this year, along with a handful of songs such as Last Breath

The video doubles as a makeup tutorial…

“I wanted to create a makeup tutorial because I’ve never followed one in my life, but have always been surrounded by the obsession of it in various cultures…The lyrics were paired with the tutorial to convey how these differing makeup methods are all the same in the end—they’re a way for us to cover up what we want to hide.”

source: jezebel