TARAJI P HENSON Starts A Foundation Dedicated to “Eradicating” Mental Illness!


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Mental illness doesn’t discriminate against race, color, creed, financial status, religion or gender.

Taraji understands that and this is how she plans to make a difference!

Launching her very own non-profit organization, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, Taraji wants to lift the “taboo” in the African American community regarding mental health.

“…we don’t talk about it in our community…it’s looked upon as a weakness or we’re demonized for expressing rage for traumas we’ve been through…”

The cause hits home for two reasons. Her son and her late father.

“…I named the organization after my father because of his complete and unconditional love for me; his unabashed, unashamed ability to tell the truth, even if it hurt; and his strength to push through his own battles with mental health issues. My dad fought in The Vietnam War for our country, returned broken, and received little to no physical and emotional support. I stand in his absence, committed to offering support to African Americans who face trauma daily, simply because they’re black…”

The foundation will also fight to increase diversity in the psychiatry field.

When her son’s father was murdered back in 2003, Taraji struggled with finding a psychiatrist for him that he could…

“…trust, someone that looks like him and could understand his struggle…It was like looking for a unicorn, and the reason that happens is because we don’t talk about it in our community…”

On Saturday Taraji…

 “invited guests to purchase her personal dresses, shoes and purses in a special LA fundraising event.”

The money raised accomplished the foundation’s first mission…

“…bringing art to the bathrooms of inner city schools to help combat depression, bullying and suicide.”

Because school restrooms are notorious for fights and bullying situations…

“…I thought that was a great thing to do to flip it. You go there to get your head together and instead of seeing hate stuff or whatever madness kids put in there, we decided to turn it into art.”

If you would like to donate your time or funds or help in way possible…please click HERE!.

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Album Review: PRINCE x ‘Piano and a Microphone 1983’

Intimate, raw, beautifully-haunting, and full of soulful screeches, Piano and a Microphone makes us a fly on a wall as Prince creates music!

The 34-minute session was never intended for our ears let alone to be released as an 9-track album…

…it’s simply a cassette demo itched in a slice of musical history, recorded right before the release of Purple Rain…elevating Prince from musician to ICONIC!

Originating in a basement in one take, you’ll hear Prince exploring vocal approaches, sketching out his “little grooves” as they say and a brief snippet-rough cut of what would become purple rain.

It’s no secret that Prince was “fiercely protective” of his musical vault when he was alive. There are rumored to be thousands of unreleased tapes waiting to see the light of day…

I can’t help but wonder…would he approve of us eavesdropping like this?


J BALVIN x ROSALÍA Lead The Nominations For Latin Grammy’s ’18! CONGRATS!

From superstars to up-and-coming artists, The Latin Recording Academy…

“…selected a lot of profound and risk-taking music, not only music that follows commercial patterns, but music that has meaning…”

J Balvin leads the way with eight nominations for ‘Mi Gente‘, ‘X‘ and ‘Vibras‘ for Album of the Year. The flamenco Goddess herself Rosalía snags five including her hit ‘Malamente‘, and Natalia Lafourcade closes the top three with four nominations.

This year shows an increasing representation of women with an equal number of men and women represented in the category of ‘Best New Artist‘, ‘Record of the Year‘ and ‘Song of the Year‘…

“…this reflects the future of music…the presence of women is now stronger and more significant than ever.”

For a complete list of nominees, please CLICK HERE!

The ceremony will take place November 15th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

source: RS


Rihanna truly is the best thing to happen to beauty and fashion since sliced bread! And she proves that by unveiling her Savage x Fenty Lingerie collection last night!

Live-streamed on youtube from Brooklyn, Ri-Ri‘s Savage World celebrated women to the “fullest extent. The Hadid sisters walked, Slick Woods stole my heart when she walked her fierce pregnant ass in sparkling black nipple pasties and the symbolic choreography is rumored to have Parris Goebel all over it!

The runway show featured an impressive electro-heavy playlist with artists like SEVDALIZA...



Rihanna took her final bow as she strolled the green carpet to Elvis Presley’s  ‘Love me Tender‘.