Miguel Releases ‘War & Leisure’ – His 4th Studio Album!

12 songs. 6 guest spots. 1 hell of a soundtrack for a world engulfed in flames!

“…War & Leisure has political undertones, because that’s what life feels like right now. This album is intentionally about the ethos right now, that we are right in the middle of all this. We’re trying to flourish in the middle of all this. We all wake up, and it’s time to be creative and amazing and positive and all the things that we’re supposed to be when you look on Instagram, but then we’re dealing with these same problems, this injustice, wars between politicians with egos. Like, 140 characters are going to get us into a war right now?…”

Miguel has also announced the War & Leisure Tour…

FKA Twigs Just Released 2nd Issue of AVANTgarden! Check It Out!

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“…Rather than posting selfies or pictures of your cups of coffee or avocado toast, I thought it would be exciting to see people using it in more of a creative way to express themselves…”

The first of its kind, AVANTgarden is Twigs Instagram “digizine”, free from rules and regulations!

So why did the super private Twigs decide to open up like this?

“…I thought it would be much more impactful to create something like this, rather than to put out a picture with some words underneath it, or retweet something. I thought it would spark a conversation…”

Sparking a conversation on heritage, culture, music, art and acceptance, for now AVANTgarden is a monthly publication with Twigs hopefully expanding it to a print edition accompanied by a site.

Check out “Dream Warrior” above!

source: Twigs